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About Us

Nivcontrol Innovative Systems is an engineering company that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions and as a system integrator of industrial control and automation systems in a wide variety of fields. The company was established by Tal Niv, who brings accumulated experience of more than 29 years in providing a variety of effective solutions in many sectors and in a variety of fields such as the plastics industry, food and beverage, chemical industries, the stone and cement industry, water and wastewater treatment and semiconductor manufacturing.

The company’s office is located in Ramat HaShofet and it provides services in Israel, West Africa, Europe, the USA and East Asia.

Nivcontrol Innovative Systems is a Value Added Reseller of the state-of-the-art SCADA PcVue system made by ARC Informatique from France.

Nivcontrol Innovative Systems provides all the steps required for the success of the project:

  • Project management and engineering consulting
  • Planning and designing software applications
  • Design and installation of electrical and mechanical installations
  • Documentation
  • Project managing
  • Instruction and training
  • Remote support and on-site support service
  • Providing spare parts and providing support on an ongoing basis

Core Values

Our extensive experience in a variety of disciplines gives us a significant advantage, reflected in our ability to make the right and professional decisions according to customer needs.

The company has accumulated experience and in-depth knowledge of existing solutions, and on the other hand we continue to constantly learn and adopt new developments and new technologies, so that we can always provide the best solutions to our customers while adapting to project needs.

A Tradition of Excellence

Nivcontrol Innovative Systems sees top value in providing professional and quality services and solutions to its customers, while maintaining the highest standards when it comes to meeting the customer’s requirements and preferences.

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Services We Provide

PLC Applications
All of our projects are based on PLC applications. We provide all Siemens products and solutions for the field of industrial control and automation, as part of the project, and spare parts in case of required maintenance
Industrial Robotics
Planning, implementation and establishment of projects that include industrial robotic systems for the plastics industry, metal, food, medical equipment, etc.
Build electric cabinets
Construction of control panels for low voltage and very low voltage for automation and process systems, using accessories from the world's leading manufacturers and under standards that match our customer requirements. The planning and construction of the panels is carried out in collaboration with the customers to provide the best results to their needs
SCADA Applications
Providing SCADA and HMI applications for user interface, monitoring and data collection. The development of the applications is carried out in full cooperation with the customer to fully adapt to his needs
Motion and Driving Applications
Providing solutions based on precise motion and drive systems based on Servo motors
Design, Cunsulting and Supervision
Thanks to our rich experience, we give a lot of advice to our customers and accompany them in choosing the right equipment for them and through the implementation of the project. Also, in projects that are not implemented by us, we provide consulting and support services to the customer during the phases of the project

So, Why Us?


We see great importance in providing comprehensive solutions to our customer's needs in the field of industrial control and thus guaranteeing a full response to their requirements

Transparency In Processes

We believe that the key to the project success requires full cooperation with the customer, starting from the planning stage, through the engineering to the implementation

Rich Experience

Our rich experience in planning, integration and implementation of control systems, allows us to provide our customers with the correct and most suitable solutions for their needs

Providing Professional Service

We see great importance in providing quality, professional and fast service for our customers

Places we made projects around the globe

  • Israel
  • USA
  • Great Britain
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • China
  • Sri Lanka
  • Philippines
  • Taiwan
  • Ghana
  • Romania

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